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Clean garments before putting them away. Otherwise stains can become permanent.

Always remove garments from polythene bag before putting them in cupboard.

It is advisable to store clothes in a dry, dark and well ventilated place. This will prevent damage to the fabric.

Keep dark coloured clothes and light coloured once separately.

Always hang clothes on wide hanger and never on coat hooks.

Keep stretchable clothing like sweaters folded and flat, to prevent distortion in shape. Never hang them.

To keep the clothes like sweaters and jackets from shrinking or fading away, it is advised that you get them dry cleaned in every 10 days after use because dirt can cause skin infections if not cleaned up.

Water can cause the wool to swell up when they are washed in water which is why you must get them dry cleaned only.

In case you plan to wash your cashmere or woolen clothes, then you must do it carefully. For hand wash, use a very mild and neutral detergent. Unless it is mentioned that you can wash it, do not take risk.

Dissolve the detergent in warm water so that it can cause least harm in the skin and then wash clothes in the water gently.

Excess scrubbing of washing is strictly prohibited for such cloth fabric as they can damage the fabric. Also, do not dry it in machine so allow the clothes to dry out in natural sunlight only. Get it ironed in low temperature so that the fabric does  not burn.

Take a special care of scarves by dry cleaning them.

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